Telehealth has been increasingly used across all medical disciplines as technologies advance and the ability to receive medical care remotely has increased. The therapy world has done an incredible job quickly adapting to these changing circumstances, allowing us to provide support, guidance, and consistency to youth and families during COVID -19 and these difficult and unprecedented circumstances.


Advantages of Telehealth


  • Telehealth therapy has been proven to maintain the same standards and outcomes of in person therapy (Khatri, 2014; Arnberg, 2014; Osenbach et al., 2013)

  • Allows specialty providers to access any population despite the physical distance (Durland, Interian, Pretzer-Aboff & Dobkin, 2014)

  • Higher treatment adherence rate as many of the therapeutic barriers are eliminated (Mohr et al., 2012; Carpenter, Pincus, Furr & Comer, 2018) 

  • The therapeutic alliance between clinicians and clients remains as strong as in-person therapy (Stiles-Shields, Kwasny, Cai & Mohr, 2014)

  • Provides the opportunity to do work in the home setting and more real-world situations.

  • Inherent advantage as they eliminate the need for travel time and therefore make therapy more accessible especially in these unprecedented times. 

Telehealth at CAAP 

CAAP has transitioned all services to telehealth for the foreseeable future. Given the nature of our work, we have years of experience in delivering telehealth, which has allowed for a relatively smooth transition. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality of care to our patients during this time.

Telehealth Services

We are continuing to accept new patients, conduct weekly sessions, consult with schools and other professionals, and provide information calls to families interested in WeSpeak.

Like in person sessions, our telehealth sessions incorporate live coaching and exposures. 

Telehealth Platform

We are using Zoom, which is HIPAA-compliant, as our telehealth platform. If you do not already have Zoom downloaded on your device, please download it now either from the app store (if on an iPhone or iPad) or from this link if you are on a laptop. 


Once you are on the application:

-Click "Join Meeting" 

-Type in the Meeting ID: 860 024 1748


You will then be in a virtual waiting room and Dr. Avny will accept you at the time of your appointment.


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