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Telehealth has been increasingly used across all medical disciplines as technologies advance and the ability to receive medical care remotely has increased. Health providers did a remarkable job adapting to the circumstances of covid-19, allowing us to provide support, guidance, and consistency to youth and families. There is evidence that telehealth is able maintain the same standards and outcomes of in-person therapy (Khatri, 2014; Arnberg, 2014; Osenbach et al., 2013), and that the therapeutic alliance remains as strong through telehealth as in-person therapy (Stiles-Shields, Kwasny, Cai & Mohr, 2014).


Advantages of Telehealth

  • Allows specialty providers to access any population despite the physical distance 

  • Higher treatment adherence rate, as many of the therapeutic barriers are eliminated 

  • Provides the opportunity to do work in the home setting and more real-world situations

  • Allows for access to therapy services during these unprecedented times

Telehealth with Dr. Avny 

Given the nature of Dr. Avny's work, she already had years of experience in delivering telehealth. Dr. Avny is currently delivering all services via telehealth, but is expecting to begin seeing select patients in the office by early summer. She is committed to providing the highest quality of care to her patients no matter which modality is utilized.

Like in person sessions, telehealth sessions incorporate live coaching and exposures. 

Telehealth Platform

Dr. Avny uses Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. If you are planning to begin working with Dr. Avny and do not already have Zoom downloaded on your device,  you will need to either download it from the app store (if on an iPhone or iPad) or from this link if you are on a laptop. 


Upon initiating services, you will be emailed the ID number and instructions to access the platform. 

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