WeSpeak Mentor Training

WeSpeak mentors receive intensive clinical training and supervision by Dr. Shelley Avny in working with tweens/teens with SM.


The one-to-one mentor model offers trainees a unique experience in providing hands-on, clinical support to these hard-working and resilient kids. 


In addition to the didactic and experiential training prior to WeSpeak, mentors receive live coaching and daily group supervision throughout the intensive week.

We are accepting applications for our winter virtual WeSpeak sessionDecember 29-31 (lead-ins Dec 26-27)

 Mentors must be available for the full program length, lead-in sessions, and training. Mentor hours are 9:00 am-2:30 pm during WeSpeak, and somewhat flexible during lead-ins. 

Graduate students, mental health professionals, and speech/language pathologists are encouraged to apply!

Send your CV or questions to: info@caapanxiety.com

WeSpeak Mentor Flyer


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