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WeSpeak is an internationally-recognized behavioral group intensive for tweens/teens with selective mutism (SM) that I developed in 2016 to meet the high demand for services for these older kids. 


WeSpeak has changed the lives of youth and families worldwide. 



About WeSpeak:

  • Simulated school based on the structure and expectations of middle- and high-schoolers; all activities target verbalizations with adults and peers that mirror the demands of this age group 

  • One-to-one mentor model builds continuous and individualized practice into engaging and real-world "school" and social activities

  • Individualized goals are established prior to WeSpeak and adapted each day according to status and progress

  • Activities include:

    • Advisory meetings

    • Skill of the day (e.g., coping skill, social skill)

    • Academic or specials class (e.g., partner/group work, answering/asking questions, presenting)

    • Social exposures (e.g., typical hang-outs)

  • Parent training is provided to teach parents ways to help their kids carry the momentum forward after WeSpeak

 Summer 2020 Sessions


July 13-17 (lead ins July 9-10): 10-13 year olds

Aug 3-7 (lead ins July 30-31): 14-17 year olds



  • WeSpeak + Parent Training: $600/day

  • Diagnostic Screener: $350-500 (1-1.5 hrs)

  • Lead-In Sessions: $400-800 (depending on severity)‚Äč 

Lead-In Sessions

  • Focuses on getting your child verbal with mentor, other adults, and peers

  • Establishing comfort during lead-ins prepares them for higher speaking demands during WeSpeak

  • Significantly increases the likelihood of success

We are committed to doing ongoing research to better understand how to best help youth with SM. 

BBC WeSpeak Documentary

Harriet Shawcross, an award winning documentarian, spent a week with WeSpeak families and myself, to gain an understanding into selective mutism and this unique treatment intervention.