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Evidence Based Practices

Dr. Avny strives to provide therapies that have been proven to work, known as Evidence Based Therapy (EBT). Evidence Based Therapy uses techniques that are based on scientific evidence to understand and treat behavioral and mental health issues. Evidence based practices combine research, patient preferences and clinical experience in order to provide the best treatment for each individual patient and family. To learn more about evidence based treatments, click here.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the primary approach used by Dr. Avny. CBT is meant to be short-term treatment aimed at teaching youth and parents skills. CBT differs from many other therapies because of the focus on how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are connected and and how they affect one another. Dr. Avny works with each family to develop a specific and individualized treatment plan, to help change patient's unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns. To learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, click here

Our Process

Dr. Avny starts with a complimentary information call, where you can learn more about treatment options and determine collaboratively what treatment may be the best fit:


If you are interested in moving forward, you will schedule a formal evaluation with Dr. Avny. 


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