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Hiring for
Selective Mutism Coordinator

Seeking part-time/seasonal Selective Mutism (SM) Program Coordinator at the Child & Adolescent Anxiety Practice (CAAP). The position is ideal for:

  • post-baccalaureates interested in applying to graduate school in the mental health field;

  • current graduate students looking to supplement their clinical experience and income;

  • teachers looking for paid summer opportunities

Position Description

The primary role of the SM Program Coordinator is to manage the WeSpeak program – an intensive group behavioral treatment for tweens/teens with SM and significant social phobia. The coordinator is responsible for the following tasks (including but not limited to):


  • Developing new activities to incorporate into the program, and creating/generating materials needed for program activities;

  • Liaising with parents of WeSpeak participants at all phases;

  • Serving as a lead mentor during WeSpeak that involves coaching and modeling for new mentors, facilitating peer-to-peer interactions, and leading group activities;

  • Data collection at pre-treatment and follow-up; data entry; and managing the WeSpeak database;

  • Liaising with WeSpeak mentors, including conducting the initial interviews, planning/coordinating the mentor training, and being the primary point person prior to and during WeSpeak;

  • Collaborating on publications and conference submissions outside of regular work hours, if desired.


Time Commitment

WeSpeak is run for one week each summer around late July/early August. Time commitments fluctuate depending on the timing of the intensive program and are as follows:

  • The week of the WeSpeak: 8 AM to 5 PM

  • 2 weeks prior to WeSpeak: 10-12 hours/week (flexible)

  • All other weeks throughout the year: 2-3 hours/week (flexible)



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related field, with a preference for those with a Master’s degree

  • Two-year minimum commitment

  • Knowledge of CBT, particularly with tweens/teens with anxiety disorders


Salary: $6000/year


***The position is and will remain predominantly remote, with the exception of the two weeks around the intensive. WeSpeak intensives are run in Princeton, NJ, and the candidate must be available to participate in person during those weeks.


To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter to Dr. Shelley Avny at

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